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shop-with-hcdsmith-style6As a Stella & Dot Independent Stylist, I like to “style my own life”. I’ve learned how to get on a path that allows me to create my own journey towards greatness, and to achieve a momentum that continues to propel me in a direction, that is nowhere but up. The momentum is fuelled by my amazing supporters, which supports this lady in entrepreneurial business!

A Trunk Show blends beautiful accessories, socializing, drink-sipping, and shopping all in one. I don’t think I need to explain how fantastic that truly is. I bring my sparkly things to your home, your guests treat themselves, buy gifts for others, add to their wardrobes, and you as the hostess, earn a bunch of rewards (a bunch of free Stella & Dot). LOVE. You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy Stella & Dot…yes, that is the same. Having me as your personal stylist comes with many benefits: your gift list is taken care of for those accessory lovers in your life, I can help you finalize your wardrobe and outfits with “style 911” including tips and advice on the go, as well as keeping you in the know of the latest trends and pieces that you “just gotta have!”.

shop-with-hcdsmith-style1To me, our accessories are more than just a means of putting the cherry on top of an outfit. With our stand-out colors, shimmery delicates, contemporary geometrics, endless versatility, and top of the line quality, our accessories inspire, invigorate, and empower. There’s nothing better than the “heck, I’ve got it all together” feeling.  I love helping others to style their outfits, help get them ready for their busy day. When you’re ready, with a statement necklace that I helped to perfectly match your color-block top, you’re going to feel like kickin’ some butt throughout your productive ‘n rockin’ day.

shop-with-hcdsmith-style7I love being a Stylist. I’d love to have your support, whether you choose to shop with me, or “Like” my Facebook page, and help share my business through social media. I truly appreciate all forms of networking. Supporting a woman in entrepreneurship is important, it makes an impact within a community, you get personal customer service, and you help someone along the road to success. I’d love to bring Stella & Dot into your life! Shop -> Host -> Join my team. #SDJoy #shopwithHCDSmith

Stella & Dot mission: “To give every woman the means to style her own life”.




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