Thinking of Fort McMurray ♥

IMG_1870_a_hcdDedicating this photo and these beautiful flowers to my family and friends, and all others, who are currently fleeing from Fort McMurray, Canada. My thoughts are constantly with you all. It’s times like these that we re-focus, and we appreciate what truly matters in this life. Stay safe. Much love. #ymmfire 


The Best Coast’s Best Captures


One of my favorite places to have a meal here in Corner Brook, NL, The Best Coast Cafe, have always displayed various works of art from local artists, with the option to purchase any of the pieces posted. Each time you visit, there may be new selections. Always something vivid to admire!

A few weeks ago, they held a contest for photo submissions as part of their restaurant decor. The words “photos” and “contests” in the same sentence has always screamed at me. (I’m quite the avid contest-enterer + hobby photographer = excitement). I sent in a few that I captured last summer, and all were chosen as part of the display! The top shelf includes my shot of the southwest coast, a view of the coastline, peering towards Grey River area. The middle shelf is of the lighthouse building in Norris Point. The bottom shelf comes from Rocky Harbour, near the wharf and marine biological centre.

Best Coast just announced a revamped Spring 2016 menu this morning, so I’m excited to find a new favorite dish, and to have a chance to look at the new photo display up close. I’m excited that a few of mine were chosen, along with the other beautiful shots. Surely visitors will admire the various perspectives captured, and hopefully inspire them to visit and discover other exquisite areas of our province. I know it’s given me even more inspiration to get my camera on the move with me once again. (And to plan yet another visit for a hearty meal!)