I’m Heather Constance.

Oh, let me elaborate! I am a coffee-connoisseur, organizing ’n tidying geek, with an eye for good style & design. Musically inclined and delights in photography. Lover and supporter of local goods, anything sparkly, and fun excursions. Proud Newfoundlander and Labradorian, Canadian, owner of decent sea legs, but also an equestrian at heart – I’m horse obsessed. Happily married to Kieran + mama of fur-baby kitty, Elliot / #PeaceLoveAndElliot. Lover of dogs (+ all other creatures). Find joy in searching for positivity everywhere. Journeying towards improved health ‘n wellness for a greater quality life, while adding my own inspired creativity on a daily basis. 

Using my name’s initial by extending it into “city”, “HC.ity” encompasses me as a whole, and not just one niche. It’s dedicated to a variety of themes, which are all relatable and can all be connected. I am often referred to as “H” by my family and friends. Since Kieran and I were married in 2013, I have also extended my last name, rather than dropping one of them. (Hey, I’m proud! I just didn’t want to remove my original name…adding on to an already lengthy name, just makes it that much more fun and original, right?) Using my first two names, Heather Constance, that solely represent me, choosing the word “city” to eencompass all themes and ideas that I am inspired by, I am pleased to be the owner of this blog, known as HC.ity.


I always strive to live creatively and imaginatively. HC.ity will include posts regarding, but certainly not limited to:

  • Style, design, & decor
  • Wellness & healthy living
  • Pop culture
  • Local experiences and reviews
  • Creative writing
  • Photography (HCDSmith Photography)
  • Married life
  • Home cooking
  • Other

Born in 1989. Raised and grew up in a small fishing community, Ramea, off the southwest coast of Newfoundland and Labrador.

Attended Grenfell Campus, Memorial University of Newfoundland and Labrador, in Corner Brook, NL, for four years (2007-2011), and completed a Bachelor of Arts – Environmental Studies. Attended the Fisheries and Marine Institute of Memorial University of Newfoundland and Labrador, in St. John’s, NL, for one year (2011-2012), and completed an Advanced Diploma – Integrated Coastal and Ocean Management.

Currently residing in Gander, NL, I am a full time Server at Swiss Chalet / Harvey’s, as well as an Independent Stylist with Stella & Dot. I seem to have endless stories about these subjects. I’ve actually begun to write things down from experiences at my serving job. Need to get past a writing block? Feel free to shadow me at this job. There’ll never be a shift where a guest(s) does not give you something that you can write about!

My husband, Kieran, and I were married in August 2013, in Ramea, NL. We began dating in 2009, and since then, have gone through just about everything that has made our relationship strong, vibrant, and true. Kieran is a secondary/high school English Teacher, and he excels at his profession, and enlightens young people, and anyone else who is fortunate enough to be in his company, on a daily basis. He is intelligent, caring, supportive, funny, a wonderful fur-baby daddy, and the most wonderful husband I could have asked for. He is my best friend, and I couldn’t have picked out a more perfect match for me in this universe. #DominieSmithDuo



about_shepandelliot2**Sweet Sheppy unfortunately suddenly passed away during the morning of January 25, 2017. I was with him during the ordeal, which seemed to be a type of heart failure. I helplessly and frantically attempted to comfort him and keep him with me. Sadly, it truly was the end for him. It has taken a while to come to terms with this, as he was just three months short of turning 4 years old, but find solice in the fact that we rescued him and gave him *the* best life he could ever ask for. <3 <3 <3 **

My [our] two sweet and joyous kitties, Shep (aka, Commander Shepard) and (Sir) Elliot, mean everything to us. Shep and Elliot are rescued kitties from wild colonies around Port aux Basques, NL, and we adopted them from their foster home, and happily gave them a forever home on November 25, 2013. They each have their own fascinating personalities, in which they are comedic, sweet, and very loyal. And, best of all, they are just like giant beanie babies. Shep is roughly five months older than Elliot, and they were adopted together from the same home. They are quite entertaining, and I definitely need to photograph them more. (My phone is quite filled with photos, so it’s time to switch to using the DSLR to capture their shenanigans.)



My taste in music is from one extreme to the other. If I were to ever break into the music scene (note: I tend to day dream at times), my genre would be folk/acoustic/country/rock. My favourite artists include, but are not limited to, Adele, Miranda Lambert, Carrie Underwood, Shania Twain, Creedence Clearwater Revival, John Fogerty, Johnny Reid, Keith Urban, Luke Bryan, Johnny Cash, The Beatles…and many others. I dearly love oldies. After a shift at the restaurant, my coworkers scheduled for the next shift know that I was there prior to them, because the “Nostalgic Hits” list  begins to stream from the speakers.

With some help from my Dad, who plays guitar and sings at home in Ramea at local events, I learned to play the guitar throughout my time in university. Before then, I served in my Sea Cadet Corps, where I was the band leader and passionately played the snare drum, and I was also a backup glockenspiel player/lesson teacher.

Favourite colors include: mint, gold, pink, purple..well, I love so many colors. It’s just as well I posted a photo of a hue chart.

Love to shop at: Chapters Indigo, Winners, Dynamite, RW&Co, Eclipse, Amazon, Joe Fresh, Old Navy, Sephora, MEC, Bootlegger, Michael’s Craft Store, any tack store…also other places that sell pretty things and that accept money, basically.

Television: Game of Thrones, Nashville, Masterchef, Heartland, Dragons Den, Property Brothers, Live with Kelly, Marilyn Dennis Show, Ellen, Brooklyn 99, Friends, The Office, Arrested Development.

Things I love to do: coffee dates, travel,graphic design/social media, rearrange my living spaces, horseback riding, brisk walks, getting up early, being in the kitchen, DIY projects, dining out, putting my feet up with a new magazine, campfires…

Inspired by: calm weather, the ocean, good music, travel, home and style magazines, exercising, flowers, good conversation, a tidy desk, blank pages.


I hope you’re inspired, amused, and that your day has been brightened. I aim to bring and share positive vibes, and if I’ve somehow managed to help your day improve or continue on a happy note, I am happy for that. I truly appreciate your visit to my blog, and I would surely love for you to stop by again sometime. I love to connect and discover other individuals who have a similar mindset to my own. Have a fantastic morning/day/evening, wherever you may be, and may the breeze bring you sunshine, bright ideas, and the drive to reach your ambitions. 

Feel free to get in touch through Connect, or send me an email anytime!


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