comfort zone AKA Regular Realm

New interests and endeavours can excite us so much, just thinking of the unlimited possibilities of how far you can go, what you can accomplish. At the same time, though, feelings of nervousness or self-doubt can be just as moving.

I guess the thought of moving from our comfort zones into an unknown zone, outside of our “regular realm”, can be a daunting action(s). Humans over time adapt and evolve, which in turn typically advances us. So why is it then, when we feel we want to pursue a new endeavour, and make a decision to take some sort of new road in life (decide to evolve into something more), fully knowing it has the potential to give us great success, that we question it altogether?

Our brains and hearts surely work in mysterious ways! But, one thing to remember is this: life is short. Yes, I know it’s quite the cliché, but there is a good reason why! We can change our direction, on any path, to create a whole different direction at any time.



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