Pastel \ Kitty \ Floral \ Glitz ~ LOVE in an Aldo Handbag

You know when you buy a new accessory, and can’t wait to wear it? Well, meet my favourite purchase this week: the pastel pink Corvara embroidered handbag with a sweet ‘n chic kitty surrounded by pretty flowers.

1.] Pastel solid colour on this smaller size handbag is perfect for giving your #ootd that put-together feeling. Such a great feeling! And a dandy conversation piece.

2.] Cat. Need I say more? This purrfect little embroidered floof is pure joy. Simple as that.

3.] Spacious interior gives you room for your phone, wallet, keys, odds ‘n ends, and maybe even your actual kitty, to bring around with you on your daily ventures. Oh, and here’s an optional cross body strap included, too. Bonus!

4.] With the glitzy floral and kitty embroidery, and sharp looking design, you’ll easily be rocking one of 2017s hottest trends as you conquer your day one step at a time. Goals!


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