Happy Fall

Accessories pictured: 
Essential Fringe in silver / 1 strand of Rebel Cluster necklace in silver
Wishing Bracelet in gold / Keep Collective leather band charm bracelet

I love our splendid Canadian fall. I mean, I know summer is also truly great. But, anyone who loves so many colours, hues ‘n tones like myself, well, you know that love for fall really runs deep.

At the same time, though – the fact that we are enjoying fall actually means that winter is not far behind. Always in line, waiting for its turn. It’s great at being prompt, but always lingers too long. Well, the fact is, we should be living day to day, right? Enjoying the “now”. So, it’s fall right now – and I’m loving it. My main reason of course – the outfits!

Fall means so many outfit options. We can wear more of our favourite pieces at once (remember, I said Canadian fall – meaning it’s borderline winter in October at times), add a different colour or pattern for each layer, mix up the metal hardware, hats, boots…you know how it goes.

The room we have set up as our “creative room” (most people will call this an office), I’ve discovered is excellent for styled photoshoots. I have enough room to set up my tripod and the wall has a decent colour paint on it, and the window is facing the way of the sun – natural light, baby! #winning

I now have some time to be working at my own hobbies and embracing my creativity that I love to do oh so much. Instead of being behind the camera like usual, I decided to find my little remote, and get in front of it. Throw on those fall layers ‘n trends, and show off our gorgeous Stella & Dot styles. This post features my first styled photoshoot. You can shop my accessories being worn by clicking on the links below the photos.

Rickis (shirt 2015)
Call it Spring (hat)

Naked by Urban Decay
Flower lip tint by Drew Barrymore

What’s your favourite things about fall? What’s your style go-to during this season?



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