Energy on a Plate

mon-june13-1One of my favourite breakfasts is, a colourful plate that gives me energy. Today I am officially back in the swing of the 21 Day Fix, with fabulous coaching from Shape up with Sheppy. Summer is nearing, and while I don’t just want a certain “look” for the months that we wear less clothing, it surely is an incentive!

Eating well (re: fuelling myself with the proper nutrition) has become so satisfying to me, and rewarding. Not only for the fact of eating a nice meal, but I know that it’s working wonders for better wellness and longevity. The thing I’m in love with, just as much as the physical rewards, is the mental refreshment that comes with every workout. Every colourful plate. Every tumbler of water. Every early night, and early morning. These better habits add up to productive days, positive vibes, and widespread motivation. And hey, you can’t complain about a good night’s sleep – another reward. So needless to say, I am happy about being in an active accountability group, and continuing onward with a program that has brought me fabulous results, AND, awareness of the choices I make. In the end, it’s ourselves that we must look out for, to do better for those around us, and to continue making the world a brighter, healthier, and positive place.

For those on the program, and interested in the portioning of this breakfast, here’s the breakdown:
• 1.5 red containers (eggs and turkey bacon)
• 1 green container (red pepper, tomatoes, red/green onion)
• 1 blue (some avocado, and dash of cheese).



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