Overcast, but Bright Enough.

Driveway View, Robert’s Arm / HCD Photography / iPhone 6plus + VSCO Cam

I was fortunate enough to get an extended weekend break starting today, and I was able to travel to Robert’s Arm to spend time with Kieran for a few days. Kieran usually drives to Corner Brook on Friday evenings, but this time I decided to venture away from the west coast for a change of scenery.

The afternoon was overcast, but bright enough that I needed sunglasses. There was minimal traffic on the highway, and I had purchased some new music to cruise along with. (Hello, Luke Bryan’s new dandy song Huntin’, Fishin’, and Lovin’ Every Day.) I also made sure to listen to a bit of Backtalk with Pete Soucy, to get the latest views on our current state of affairs here in NL. Just search and read through the #NLPoli hashtag on twitter to learn all about it.

Kieran was home from school when I arrived at our [second] apartment (he’s holding down a fort here in Robert’s Arm, and I am doing the same in Corner Brook… there are certain sacrifices to be made at the beginning of a career, or at stages in life in which an individual or a couple, or whomever, is looking to somehow “get ahead”. This is just part of our current chapter for now.) We’ve yet to properly experience, as a married couple (since 2013), a work day or work week, in which we are both getting up and ready for work, and come home together to be under the same roof. So, yes, it was quite nice for Kieran to greet me today as I parked in the driveway. I look forward ever so much to the day in which we have a place to call our own home, wherever and whenever, that may be. (Kudos to all you other long distance relationship peeps! We got this. Working and striving for the best life for us that we can achieve.)

The photo above is the view directly in front of the driveway, where I parked after my drive today. Calm water, no wind, and what appears to be an advancement towards the actual season known as Spring. (So rare around here!) Happy to have begun my weekend off from work, and to be enjoying a mini-getaway with my hubby.



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