Tea is actually a good idea.

Anyone who knows me, is well aware (or should be) of my love for coffee. My love for tea, however, has only began to blossom very recently. I was never fond of the smell or taste of regular tea…and I never truly took the time to learn to like it.

Just over a year ago, I was gifted “Organic Cold 911” loose tea from my BFF Melissa, from DAVIDsTEA, and for  the couple times that I’ve ended up with a head cold, or sore throat, I figured it was a great time to give tea a sure shot. Lo and behold, each time after enjoying this cup of soothing ‘n refreshing goodness, and with great results to fighting colds, I began to write “trip to DAVIDsTEA” on my grocery list. My love for tea had begun!

This past Christmas, Melissa had once again put a sweet pink star tin of tea in my gift, and I couldn’t stop smelling it. The name of this particular blend was unknown, but after sipping on a cup about a week ago (I kept it for as long as I could resist, it was just a small tin full, and the fragrance was incredible), I made a visit to our Corner Brook DAVIDsTEA location to ask about it. My description? “It tastes like an After Eight chocolate sliver.” The sales associate made one swift pick of a tea tin on the shelf, and voila – it was found! The actual name? Snow Day. Perfect! She, unfortunately, informed me that it’s actually being discontinued. So, what’s a girl to do? Like I did – buy every last bit of that tin ‘o tea. #allornothing

I made sure to add something new to my purchase. There’s now Mother’s Day themed products up for grabs, and I chose the Lemon Pound Cake tea, “…with buttery oolong, tangy citrus and a hint of creaminess”. I haven’t made a cup of this dreamy-sounding blend yet, but it will be happening sooner than later. If there’s cake in the kitchen, it won’t last long…when it  comes to anything else with the word “cake” attached to it, surely it will have the same fate! 🏾🏾



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