Friday Feast: 1 Recipe for Flavour Without the Fuss

It’s Friday, and on Friday evenings, most people enjoy having a meal that involves the least amount of work possible. I know that, for me, personally (and I’m sure thousands more), take-out can be quite the hot commodity! Today, Kieran and I thought of a couple simple options to create a flavourful Friday feast. friday_april_15_1
Salad: A mix of spinach and kale + red pepper, apple, red onion, avocado, bacon bits to garnish + feta over top.
Main: Compliments brand Honey Garlic pork sausages. Baked @ 350F, (flipped at 30m, added BBQ sauce at 45m, caramelized for an additional 15m)

This took about 5-10 minutes worth of prep, which was done as the sausages were baking (on parchment paper for even less mess), and very little clean up, as well. This meal was so easy, quite delicious, and wholesome. It’s still snowing outside today (I don’t know if I’ll ever be happy with this “Newfoundland and Labrador Spring weather”), but this meal had a refreshing summery blend!

Feel free to share with your friends ‘n family who also long for simple and yummy meals. :)



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