Decluttering & Reharmonizing

Happy February! And Happy New Year to my blog, technically! It’s taken me a while to get around to making my blog what I’d love for it to be, but all good things come with hard work, and sometimes our schedules are slightly demanding – like everyone!

I recently finished reading Marie Kondo’s “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up”, (Thanks to my hubby for finding and buying it for me!) and let me tell you, the “life-changing” part, is truly just that. I was always a decently organized and fairly tidy person, however, sometimes the procrastinator in me likes to seep through. (I’m sure many of you also have our own inner procrastination person, lol) Since I’ve read that book, which is cut and dry, easy to understand, and quite the eye-opener for your home, I have been so inspired and motivated to get our apartment looking and feeling phenomenal – and it’s so easy to do after reading Kondo’s words. Go through your things, and ask yourself, does it actually “spark joy”, as Knodo puts it. I also ask myself have I used it recently, will I need to use it in the future, and since “saving” whichever item(s) it may be, have I ever gone back to dig it out again? So, so easy to save OR throw away/donate after that. I have managed to go through most of my clothing (that’s the first step), and I’ve kind of just been randomly purging various storage “things” we have in our place. I’ve thrown away about 5-6 bags within two weeks, which is good for our apartment. Most of the examples and stories, if not all, that Kondo explains in her book, revolve around actual full size houses, with the exception of a couple examples. So, being able to get rid of so many things form our apartment is very liberating. Once I get rid of the clutter that we don’t need, I can properly design a better layout for use of space and design, add pretty decor, and truly make it “ours”. I don’t know about anyone else, but when the spaces around me are cluttered, my mind is the same. I cannot focus the same, and therefore, it is just a cycle of procrastination. I feel I can also get back to my blog in a better mindset as well. Alas, thanks to Marie Kondo for helping. Kieran has since picked me up her second book, “Spark Joy”, to read next!

Last week I signed up with Beachbody to order a 21 Day Fix Challenge and to incorporate Screen Shot 2016-02-03 at 2.09.34 PM.pngShakeology into my daily routine. As of today, the tracking shows that it is on the vehicle for delivery ever since 7:19am…still waiting! I’m unsure if it’s in Corner Brook yet, or that it may still be in St. John’s…which, of course, will take longer to deliver to my doorstep, ha. I am excited to begin! I’ve been following the program and the lifestyle of a couple friends on their Facebook pages for the past couple of months, and a local Coach, Jen, (Shape up with Sheppy), posted about beginning a new support group, starting February 8. I thought, hey, why not? Perfect opportunity to kick the habit into action, and do what’s best for me and this one life that I’ve got. I’ve already been making more meals withScreen Shot 2016-02-03 at 2.09.52 PM.png greater variety and “spunk”, and realizing that there’s a lot of pride in doing that, and self-awareness. 30 minute workout DVDs, Shakeology, portion control cups, and other information and helpful things to look forward to. I don’t only owe it to be accountable to my support group and coach, but mainly, for MYSELF. I know what I have to do, I’ll soon have the tools – no progress was made without the action and drive to get there! :)

Stella & Dot sample sale coming soon! I’ve posted about it on my Facebook Biz page recently, and my Instagram, but haven’t gotten to actually finalize it yet. I know there’s a couple of necklaces, earrings, and a ring for sure…stay tuned. I have some new Spring 2016 pieces in my collection now, and I’m still making room for the new! (Which means style for a steal, for you.) If you just want to get to my eBoutique and shop for yourself now, you can do so 24/7.

Have a great day, folks! More blog updates are on the way, so if you are visiting and things seem squishy around here and things are not where they should be, it’s just me customizing and making the blog a prettier and more informative place to visit. :-) Thanks for reading!



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